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Puduraya Bus Station

It is Good Friday! Finally a public holiday from my workplace, and I happened to get the chance to visit the Refreshed Version of Puduraya today by accompanying WenYing to get her tickets back to Alor Setar!

It had been quite sometime since the station was closed down for refurbishment work and caused a lot of inconveniences for the public who used to travel inter city. As I was there, I managed to grab a few shot of the place. It looks nice inside however the paint job outside the building are still showing stains from the past.

The above photo will be the toilet of Puduraya. At least, I can still see that some of our people still have their manners.

One of the sensors which was used in the male toilet. Not too sure bout the quality but I am pretty sure I seen the brand Sloan somewhere.

Considering that it is a Bus station for long journeys, they have added a Baby Sitting Room in the station an ease for travelers to change their baby’s Diapers which the location used to be ticketing counters.

The ticketing counters was located in the 2nd floor of the building which I had never been there before the refurbishment work starts. I guess it was located on the upper ground so that they will have more waiting space for the public on the 1st and ground floor and believe me, they had plenty of these chairs prepared in the terminal.

This guy just looks kinda cool aint he? Kinda gives me the fugitive feel lol!

These are the entrance to the bus platforms in ground floor where they have built glass panels and door around the staircase. I guess they did it so that theĀ emission from buses will not pollute the waiting area.

I wonder how long these buttons will last?

One thing particular about the new Puduraya will be the Ceiling is TOO LOW!!! You can see from my photo above that my camera position is just below the ceiling.

Regardless of the upgrading work, I would say the security in Puduraya have improved a lot and Puduraya doesnt feel scary anymore like it used to be.

Hopefully, the management of Puduraya and the public will be able to maintain the station well else it would be another waste of the Expensive Upgrading work and Thanks WenYing for giving me the chance to visit Puduraya!!!

*p/s: The security guard taken me as a terrorist suspect for taking photos in the station too long and almost invited me to their office for coffee lol!