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Temple of Faces

Temple of Faces by .WG.
Temple of Faces, a photo by .WG. on Flickr.


It was Dec 24th, 2010 which I ended the year with a BANG ! However, I never knew that I started my year with a BANG also on Jan 17th, 2011 while I am on my way to work after I got my car back right from the factory.

It was not even 3 hours I got my car back I ended up in another accident.

It was tiring…

Thanks to those who was kind enough who cared.

Celebrating Christmas in a more Unique Fashion…

Year End is approaching and the long anticipated Christmas Eve has arrived where people gathered for reunions and celebrates the Countdown for Christmas. While my initial plans were to head down to the Historical Town of Malaysia which is Malacca to meet Viv, I somehow had a rather unique experience in Celebrating this Event in Malacca. Before I move on, I would actually like to thank a few person which will be Choi and M.Ying for the help and those trouble I caused, apart from that will be ToTalli which I got scolding from the phone.

It was raining while I was driving down to Malacca where ToTalli had kept reminding me to be careful on the road, however shit do happens even when you’re cautious about it.

The Moment I drove into Ayer Keroh Exit of Malacca, I had a Christmas present waiting for me around the Corner and BAM!!!

Merry Christmas!!!









Choi and M.Ying came over and brought me to Balai Polis Alor Gajah to file a Polis Report where I would say that Malacca is still a very SAD “DEVELOPED” state where you can only file your Accident report at either Alor Gajah or Malacca Tengah which is either too FAR or too JAM.

Right after getting all those shitty paper work done, we headed down to Portuguese Settlement to enjoy the Atmosphere and Spirit of Christmas where these Portuguese decorated their houses with lights ready to be Dirtied or Messed up by Revelers.








After that, we headed back and I spent the night in Choi’s place and got back to Seremban in the afternoon.


I would say it is a rather Unique Christmas Celebration Experience compared to previous years and I definitely felt blessed. Last but not least I would also like to thank Zhikun for offering me a ride back to Seremban when I met him at the Portuguese Settlement. =)

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year


Once again it will be Christmas again!!! An indicator where New Year will be around the Corner as well!!!

Well, I had been quite busy and left this blog out for quite some time however I would like to take this chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!

Wishes for New Year will be Everyone stays Healthy and Happy!

Good Nights! =D

Nikon Walkabout – Thanks 蛇頭 Breitling.Wei.Bing!

It was quite an early Sunday to start with and rather a long day, it was all planned to head out for Futuromic Imaging Fair with 蛇頭Breitling.Wei.Bing since a few weeks back. Kok Kin joined in for the fun as well on the journey for food and exploration. We all headed out early down to KL anticipating a talk by Korean photographer invited by Futuromic, but it was cancelled due to his last minute assignment.

We proceeded to Pavillion and had fun before we get back to the Fair by 6pm as told by Alex.

It was something rather unexpected and I would really like to thanks 蛇頭 Breitling.Wei.Bing for inviting me to the Nikon walkabout held a few months back where we submitted some photos for the competition.

The outcome was announced today after an interesting Critique session by Arthur Teng, Mr. Abdullah and Mr. Alex Moh and my name was one of the winners!!!

The above was 1/3 shots submitted by me and made it all the way which was really unexpected. Thanks 蛇頭 Breitling.Wei.Bing and Alex for the Walkabout!!!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

It was 5am in the morning, my eyes are in burning sensation due lack of rest. When I was about to sleep, lying on my bed and I saw the Moon shining brightly through my window as if it was smiling at me. I couldn’t resist the temptation to capture the night and this is it.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival my dear Family and Friends. =D

Dead or Alive?

Merdeka!!! Merdeka!!! Merdeka!!! Those are the words I was anticipating throughout the whole day of 30th August 2010.

That very night Tention extended his invitation to me and of cause the Legendary Noob Kien for a Merdeka Outing that very night.

After some discussion on where to go, we finally decided on Alive!


Of cause we need to stay Alive! A lot of people might not know that Alive is actually a Live Bar located beside Sunway Pyramid itself which is very near to Helo Bali.

During the celebration of Merdeka eve, I managed to pull off some shots under those crazy lightings which was quite challenging.

Below are some of the shots from Alive.

Last but not least…

Group photo lol!